Draco - 28 Pin AVR Development Board

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Draco - 28 Pin AVR Development Board is an advanced development board for 28 Pin Atmel AVR microcontrollers like Atmega328, Atmega168,and other compatible 28 pin AVR microcontrollers. The board is fully tested and well designed for robotics and embedded projects.

Draco board is designed to be helpful for a user with any level of expertise. If you are new to electronics, use the default jumpers and start programming. However, if you already know how to work with microcontrollers, then this board provides you with a host of tweaks and hacks to help you create complex projects.

This amazing design easily lets you keep connect different sensors to IO pins. Since project applications require testing or debugging, LCD on the board can be used to display necessary information directly. If your requirement is to keep the board away from a connected computer, sensor output values, debugging information, and menu options can be directly selected with the help of LCD.

  • Atmega328 or Atmega328P Microcontroller on-board
  • 2.1mm Power jack for external power source
  • 2 pin polarized battery connector for external power source
  • Regulated 5V power supply with reverse Voltage protection
  • Reset Circuit with separate easily accessible Reset Button
  • On/Off Switch to quickly cut off power to board
  • Atmel Standard 6 Pin AVR ISP Programmer Connector
  • 16MHz crystal for maximum frequency
  • 16x2 LCD with Green Backlight - HD44780 controller
  • LCD Contrast adjust trim pot
  • Resistor based ISP isolation with LCD Pins for convenient programming
  • 3 Push buttons for external Interrupts
  • Interchangeable Button Pins through jumpers
  • 1 User programmable RGB LED with LED voltage drop compensated resistors
  • Interchangeable RGB LED Pins through jumpers
  • 3 Pin expansion connectors across all IO pins for easy Sensor and Servo connection
  • 3mm hole for attaching an external heat sink
  • UART and SPI pins expansion to simplify connections to external peripherals
  • 1 additional trim pot for Analog input, or as a voltage divider
  • User controllable power supply across PORTD which can be either battery power or 5V. Easy for servos
  • Diffused Green Power LED
  • 3mm mounting holes for easy mounting.
  • LC Filter between VCC and AVCC for clean ADC performance
  • Separate AREF pin for external voltage input
  • Wide range (7V - 16V) Input voltage tolerance
  • Board Operating Voltage:5V
  • Max. Input voltage through Power Jack: 12V
  • Dimension: 3.25" x 2.3" (82.55 x 58.42mm). 6 pin ISP programmer pins and Barrel jack is stretched out.
Shipping List
  • Draco Development Board x 1
  • ATMega328P Microcontroller x 1
  • 16x2 LCD x 1
  • 6 Pin AVR Programmer x 1
  • 6 Pin Ribbon Cable x 1
  • Heat Sink with screw x 1
  • 2 pin Jumpers x 8
  • Mounting spacers with nut x 4