CRUX – ATtiny85 Development Board

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AVR CRUX is a tiny microcontroller development board based on ATtiny85, similar to the Arduino line, only cheaper, compact, lower power consumption and a bit less powerful. The board supports use of specific Arduino IDE and conveniently uses Arduino syntax for programming. This is a great way to jump into electronics and also perfectly fits when an Arduino is too big.

AVR CRUX board may be tiny, but don’t be fooled by its size. The board has digital IO pins for regular use, PWM outputs to control motors and actuators, Analog inputs to interface with your sensors and a USB port to program and interact with your computer. It even has a tiny button switch used as reset button or a custom button and a user controllable LED to play around and create your first “blinking LED” program. A powerful board intended for artists, designers, hobbyists and anyone interested in creating interactive things

This board is a perfect start for beginners interested in electronics, sensors, motor controllers and robotics.
  • Really tiny development board!
  • On board USB interface with micro USB connector. Since most mobile phones come with a micro USB cable, you don’t even need to purchase one separately
  • Reset button available for entering into bootloader or to restart the program. No need to disconnect and reconnect the board every time you program it
  • Solder pads for I2C pull-up resistors for PB0 and PB2 pins available on PCB backside. This is useful if you are communicating with sensors and modules over I2C protocol
  • No expert knowledge or external connections required to write programs. Download specific Arduino IDE; connect CRUX board, program, upload and have fun
  • Hundreds of tried and tested programs available online and also on veerobot website
  • Two LEDs; Power LED to indicate power and a custom LED for your experiments
  • Regulated external power supply with built-in current limiting and over-temperature shutdown feature
  • Micronucleus boot loader V1.11; This bootloader uses ~2K bytes of memory and ~6K Bytes of memory available for user programs. All Crux Boards shipped after 1st Jan 2016 comes with Arduino Gemma Bootloader installed.
  • 5 general purpose input output pins (GPIO) with 3 analog inputs and 3 PWM outputs. 2 Analog input and 1 PWM output is shared across 2 pins which are used for USB interface
  • Schottky diode to isolate USB power from battery power (reverse protection)
  • 4 Mounting holes on this tiny board
  • Two additional ground pins for testing and connecting external circuits
  • Works out of the box with Digispark Arduino IDE (thanks to them for making it accessible to the community)
  • High quality printed circuit board. Each board comes with bootloader burnt and blink LED program uploaded. Just power up the board and see the LED blinking
Development Board AVR CRUX
Microcontroller ATtiny85
Operating Voltage 5V
GPIO pins PB0, PB1, PB2, PB3, PB4
Analog Input pins(ADC) PB2, PB5 (PB5 is not enabled)
PWM Pins PB0, PB1, PB4
Reset Pin PB5 (Reset fuse bit enabled)
USB Interface PB3, PB4
LED Indicator SIG (Orange or Red), PWR (Green)
DC Output current on IO pins 20mA
Flash Memory 8 KB of which 2 KB used by bootloader
Clock frequency 16.5 MHz (Internal PLL Clock)
Dimension (LxWxH) 33mm X 15mm X 5mm
USB/VCC Power Supply 5V
External Power Supply 6V – 12V
Weight 15.00 grams
Output Current Max. Max. 350mA (On USB Power)
Output Current Max. Max. 150mA (On external supply)

Crux uses a modified version of Arduino IDE developed for digispark boards. Arduino IDE is availabe for various operating systems. Download the version of your choice.

Download official version of Arduino IDE from Arduino website. Select Programmer and Board as Arduino Gemma and click upload to upload your sketch. Yes. Its that easy to use your Crux now.

Good to know
  • Headers are included but not soldered on to give you more flexibility. If you need a soldered version, mention in the comments while ordering and we will send you a breadboard friendly soldered board (male headers on the bottom of the board). On unsoldered version, you can use two 6 pin female headers to make it sensor and add-on boards friendly (like Arduino boards).
  • Though you can program CRUX board using Arduino IDE, it's not 100% Arduino-compatible. This board does not have a Serial port connection for debugging so the serial port monitor will not be able to send/receive data. Few PC’s' USB v3.0 ports does not recognize the boot loader. You may have to use USB v2.0 port or a USB hub
  • If you feel adventurous, you can disable reset pin (Hint: Change fuse bits) to use the reset button as a custom function switch. This also gives you an additional pin for your projects. The catch is that you lose the power to be able to use ISP programmers with the chip. In case of boot loader failure, you would need to use a high-voltage programmer to reset the chip, upload boot loader again and work on the chip.
  • Tweaking a bit can convert this development board into USBtinyISP programmer and can program other Atmel AVR chips. To make it work, you may have to disable reset pin and upload littlewire program.
  • Crux Schematic, Software and Bootloader are all open source. Board design is done by VEEROBOT, Bootloader and IDE is from Arduino is micronucleus and Arduino IDE by Digistump. Thanks to open source community for creating this software.
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