TSOP1738 38kHz Infrared (IR) Receiver

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TSOP1738 is an infrared receiver tuned to receive Infrared Light of frequency at 38kHz. This can be very helpful to read signals from most Infrared remotes like the one used on your TV, AC etc. The receiver has ambient light protection and perfect to use as an obstacle avoidance sensor when compared to normal IR receivers LED's. Great receiver for making wireless projects, robots, home automation systems, etc
The receiver has three pins - +5V, Ground and Output.
  • Photodetector and preamplifier circuit in one package
  • Breadboard Compatible
  • Receives and amplifies the infrared signal without any external component
  • TTL and CMOS compatible
  • 38 kHz integrated oscillator
  • Immunity to ambient light
  • Low when active and 5V when Idle - Output Active Low
  • Improved shielding against electric field disturbance
Block Diagram
TSOP1738 Application Diagram
Application Circuit
TSOP1738 Application Diagram
TSOP1738 Infrared Receiver
Operating Voltage 5V
Power consumption 0.4mA to 0.8mA
Angle of Detection 90
Angle of half transmission distance +/- 45
Distance Upto 30m
Dimensions 30mm x 10mm x 6mm
Weight Approx. 2g
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