STEP-1 Electronic Kit

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STEP-I is a kit designed and developed for students, hobbyists, inventors and engineers who are interested in electronics. This kit is your first step to get into the vast, open world of electronics and programming. Components in this kit are carefully selected to give you a kick-start introduction to electronics and programming to make sure you complete few simple and moderate level projects. The kit includes buzzer, LEDs, motor, capacitors, sensors and display devices along with a high quality breadboard. This is your perfect beginners lab to discover basic electronic components, circuitry and programming. You get to work on electronic components and also write programs to control real world objects using our Leo board. After completing the projects in this manual, you are free to experiment on your own and create wonders.

The kit also includes a full color guidebook which contains step by step instructions on how to complete 16 circuits by using included components. The book also provides necessary troubleshooting tips in case you are stuck. Arduino IDE, example code and instructions are all provided in a separate CD. The kit does not require soldering and is recommended for beginners ages 9 and up. You also do not need any previous programming or electronics experience to use this kit. A perfect start for a beginner
What's in the book?
  • Electricity Basics
  • Electronics in a Nutshell
  • Microcontroller & Programming
  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Using a Breadboard
  • Tips, Tricks & Warnings
  • Example Projects
Project Examples
# Project
Project 01 Blinking LED
Project 02 Using RGB LED
Project 03 Fading LED
Project 04 Using Push Button
Project 05 Using Buzzer
Project 06 Light Sensor
Project 07 Temperature Sensor
Project 08 Controlling Multiple LED’s
Project 09 8 Segment Display
Project 10 Control DC Motor
Project 11 Working with Relay
Project 12 Display information on LCD
Project 13 Using Serial Monitor
Project 14 Control mouse movements from Arduino
Project 15 Use Arduino to send Keystrokes
Project 16 Remote Control using IR receiver
Components included in the kit
  1. VEEDUINO - Leo Board x 1
  2. Mini Breadboard (400 Points) x 1
  3. 9V Battery x 1
  4. 9V Battery Connector x 1
  5. Jumper Wires Male-Male x 20
  6. 5mm LED - Red x 5
  7. 5mm LED - Yellow x 5
  8. 5mm LED - Green x 5
  9. 5mm LED - White x 5
  10. 5mm RGB LED x 1
  11. Resistors - 220 Ω x 10
  12. Resistors - 1K Ω x 10
  13. Resistors - 10K Ω x 10
  14. NPN Transistor x 1
  15. Diode x 1
  16. 10mm LED - White x 1
  17. Shift Register IC x 1
  18. Remote Kit x 1
  19. (16x2) Green Backlight LCD x 1
  20. DC Motor x 1
  21. 8 Segment LED x 1
  22. USB - Mini USB Cable x 1
  23. Piezo Buzzer x 1
  24. Fan Blade x 1
  25. Push Button Switch x 5
  26. Ceramic Capacitor x 5
  27. Mounting Plate x 1
  28. Trimpot x 1
  29. Photo Resistor x 2
  30. Temperature Sensor x 1
  31. Relay x 1
  32. Guide Book x 1