2WD - Two Wheel Drive Double Decker Robot Chassis

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Do you want to explore the field of robotics and autonomous robot experimentation, but don't know where to start? VEEROBOT double decker 2 wheel drive chassis is created just for you. This is a simple and inexpensive platform for learning robotics, microcontroller programming, electronics and sensor integration. The DIY chassis contains all the components required to build a small, high performance robot platform in no time. Add electronics and you are ready to go.

The main body of the chassis is made of two layer Laser-Cut Clear-Acrylic sheet and can hold two gear motors on either sides. The chassis has enough holes and openings for mounting battery holder, Motor Drivers, and also an arduino board. The design is such that the wires can be neatly hidden under the modules and top deck. This kit can be used to build a robot for distance sensing, Obstacle Avoidance, Line follower, Flame Detector, Speed Tester, Wireless remote controlled Car, and any other creative works you can think of.
  • Laser Cut Acrylic Chassis to enhance creativity & innovation
  • Two 60 RPM motors - Useful for Line following Robot
  • High Quality Wheels & Motors
  • Double Decker Design for easy change of batteries
  • M3 holes for Motor Driver, Arduino Board and additional sensors
  • Brackets, screws and nuts included
Robot Type Arduino Compatible 2WD Robot Platform
Compatible Controller Module Arduino Uno Compatible Microcontroller Board
Compatible Motor Controller L298 Motor Driver Module
Motors 60RPM High Torque Motors
Wheels 70mm x 4mm Plastic wheels with rubber tires
Chassis 3mm Thickness Laser cut chassis
Holes and Slots Control Board, Motor Driver, Battery Holder
Dimension (LxWxH) 160mm X 110mm X 120mm
Weight 450 grams
Good to know
  • The kit requires assembling and you may need an additional screwdriver to set the screws and nuts together. Remember, the fun begins with assembling :)
  • The chassis may have a layer of paper on both sides. You may either choose to remove and assemble it, or leave it as is
  • Motors do not have wires soldered. You may need a Soldering Iron, Solder lead to solder wires to motors
  • Kit does not include batteries or battery holders. Source 4 x AA batteries and battery holders
Shipping List
  1. 1 x VEEROBOT dual layer Chassis main body
  2. 2 x 60 RPM High torque BO motors
  3. 2 x Plastic Wheels with rubber tires
  4. 4 x Acrylic Motor brackets to hold two motors
  5. Set of Screws, Nuts, Mounts to assemble the chassis