4WD - Four Wheel Drive Multi Utility Robot Chassis

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VEEROBOT 4 wheel multi utility robot is a great way to get started into four motor robot chassis. This is one great product to get your feet wet in the world of robotics.
The economical robot platform has in itself a lot of versatility. It features Four gearmotors with 65mm wheels. The chassis plates and mounts are cut from Black 3mm Acrylic and has holes for mounting Arduino, Sensors, Controlles and additional modules. Simply connect the two panels using included spacers and you’ll be able to attach everything in no time.

Robot can be constructed with motors either between the two plates or below the bottom plate for higher ground clearance. For line follower, we suggest higher ground clearance. For only obstacle avoidance, sandwich the motors between the plates.
  • Laser Cut Acrylic Chassis to enhance creativity & innovation
  • Four 150 RPM motors - Useful for any kind of robots
  • High Quality Wheels & Motors
  • Includes separate Sonar Sensor Holder in front
  • M3 holes Arduino Board, Raspberry Pi and additional sensors
  • Battery holder, Brackets, screws and nuts included
Robot Type Four Wheel Drive Multi utility Robot
Compatible Controller Module Arduino, VEELER Board and Raspberry Pi Compatible Microcontroller Board
Compatible Motor Controller L298 Motor Driver Module and Arduino Motor shield
Motors 150RPM High Torque Motors
Wheels 70mm x 4mm Plastic wheels with rubber tires
Chassis 3mm Thickness Laser cut Night Black chassis
Holes and Slots Control Board, Motor Driver, Battery Holder, Sonar, Servos etc.
Dimension (LxWxH) 26cm X 16cm X 8cm
Weight 450 grams
Good to know
  • The kit requires assembling and includes a screwdriver to set the screws and nuts together. Remember, the fun begins with assembling :)
  • The chassis may have a layer of paper on both sides. You may either choose to remove and assemble it, or leave it as is
  • Motors do not have wires soldered. You may need a Soldering Iron, Solder lead to solder wires to motors
  • Kit does not include batteries. Source 6 x AA batteries to get them rollin'
Shipping List
  1. 2 x VEEROBOT Chassis plates
  2. 4 x Dual shaft gear motors
  3. 4 x Encoded Disks
  4. 4 x Plastic Wheels
  5. 4 x Rubber Tires
  6. 8 x Acrylic Motor brackets to hold two motors
  7. 1 x Battery holder with compartment for six AA Batteries
  8. Set of Screws, Nuts, Mounts to assemble the chassis
  9. 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor Mount to attach sonar sensor