Mini Submersible Motor Pump

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Have water or other liquids to move from one place to another? This submersible pump will move 80L to 120L per hourand has a tough body. Use this pump to make a fountain or waterfall, or even a pump to water your plants!
Feed it a voltage between 3V to 6V and you have your own fountain ready!
  • Works between 3V to 6V and water submersible
  • Can be used in water or any other free flowing liquids - Coke / Pepsi anyone?
  • Red wire indicates positive and black (or white) is for the negative terminal of your power source
  • Long lasting and sturdy plastic body
Water Pump Submersible mini pump
Voltage Rating +3v to +6v
Maximum lift 100-300cm
Flow rate 80-120L/H
Outside diameter of water outlet 7.15mm
Material Engineering plastic
Driving mode DC Motor
Continuous working life Approximately 500 hours
Working temperature 0C ~ +48C
Current 130 to 220mA
Max power 0.4W - 1.5W
Weight 48 grams
Dimension 25mm x 46mm
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  1. Mini Submersible Motor Pump x 1