Dual Shaft Straight Plastic Gear BO Motor - 150 RPM

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This is a standard low cost low voltage durable Dual Shaft Plastic Gear BO Motor running at 150 RPM. It is most suitable for light weight robot running on voltages between 5V-9V. Out of its two shafts one shaft can be connected to wheel, while the other can be connected to an encoder
  • Gear materials: plastic
  • Motor types: Permanent Magnet
  • Brush-type: Brushed
  • Magnet types: Ferrite Magnets
  • Torque multiplication: Generates a large force at a low speed
  • Low density: Lightweight and Low Inertia
  • Uniformity of parts
  • Capability to absorb shock and vibration as a result of elastic compliance
  • Ability to operate with minimum or no lubrication, due to inherent lubricity
  • Relatively low coefficient of friction
  • Corrosion-resistance; elimination of plating, or protective coatings
  • Consistency with trend to greater use of plastic housings and other components
  • Connect power source to two leads and see it spinning. One end of the shaft to be conneced to wheel while the other end can be connected to an encoder. Compatible with our Plastic BO Wheel - 70mm as well as Plastic Wheel with Tyre - 2.5 Inch
Good to know
  • Do not connect the motor directly to output pin of a microcontroller. Use a transistor, H-Bridge or a Motor Driver
  • The motor can become hot if you feed in more voltage. Do not connect the motor to more than 9V power source though it resists upto 12V
  • This is a DC Motor. Do not attempt to use it with Alternate Current (AC)
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