Infrared (IR) Obstacle Avoidance Sensor

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This is a multipurpose IR Obstacle sensing module which can be used for sensing obstacles, color detection(between basic contrasting colors), flame or fire detection (uses only receiver LED), line sensing (by bending the module or LED's), etc and also as an encoder sensor. The module provides a logic one(+5V) at the digital output when an object is placed in front of the sensor and a logic zero(0V), when there is no object in front of the module. There are two onboard LED's. One to indicate power and another to indicate the presence of an object. This digital output can be directly connected to an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AVR, PIC, 8051 or any other microcontroller to read the sensor output.

Note : Infrared Sensors are highly susceptible to ambient light and the IR sensor on this sensor should be suitably covered to reduce effect of ambient light on the sensor. For maximum, range the on board potentiometer should be used to calibrate the sensor. To set the potentiometer, use a screw driver and turn the potentiometer till the output LED just turns off.
  • Active High digital Output (+5V)
  • 3mm Mounting hole for easy mounting
  • Can be used for multitude of applications
  • Compatible with almost all microcontrollers with digital input
  • Two onboard LED's
  • Calibration Pot
  • Great for DIY projects and Arduino beginners
  • Easy to use breadboard friendly form factor
  • Basic obstacle sensing
  • Color detection(between basic contrasting colors)
  • Flame or fire detection
  • Line sensing
  • Encoder sensor
  • Wireless communication for sensing IR remote signals
Arduino Connection Diagram
NodeMCU Pinout Diagram
Model Infrared (IR) Proximity / Obstacle Detecting Sensor
Input Voltage 4.5V - 6V
Operating Votage 5V
Number of Pins 3 (DO, VCC, GND)
Output Type Digital Output
Lead Pitch 0.1th inch (2.54 mm) Breadboard compatible
Dimension 15.25 mm x 33mm x 12.7 mm
Operating Temperature 0C to 60C (± 10%)
Range 0.5cm – 5 cm
Weight Approx. 10g
Shipping List
  • 1 x Infrared (IR) Proximity