Bristle Bot - DIY Toothbrush Robot

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Bristle Bots or Brush bots are a simple, fun type of robot you can build quickly and easily. They are easy to build and you do not need any previous experience with robotics. You can build them yourself, build two robots with a friend and race them against each other, or even make them sumo wrestle! We have included all the components required to build your own Bristle Robot. All you need is a way to strip the wire leads (wire cutter, wire stripper or a hobby knife) and twist them together. Turn on the switch and the funny bug moves randomly.

The direction of the robot cannot be controlled which is the fun part of it. It moves randomly across your desk or floor. It can just rotate in place waiting for a push from you. Trimming the brush tail and aligning the components can change the way it moves. Once built, you can have hours of fun with your kid or your pet.

The battery is not chargeable and may last upto 30 minutes. If the battery seems dead, try turning off the switch and turn it on after a couple of hours and it magically works again.

This is the first step in learning Science, Technology, Robotics and Engineering in a fun way.
  • Kit includes all components required to build one brush robot
  • DIY Brush / Bristle / Toothbrush robot
  • A fun and easy way to build a robot bug
  • Play and have fun with kids, pets or keep it on your office desk
  • Brush comes cut to size with double sided sticker on top
  • Includes one Button Cell with color coded positive and negative leads attached
  • Battery Range: Up to 30 Mins
  • Skill Requirement : Basic. No prior knowledge of robotics or electronics required
Shipping List
  • 1 x Brush cut to size with googly eyes
  • 1 x Vibrator Motor
  • 1 x Tiny Slide Switch
  • 1 x Button cell
  • 1 x Plastic Enclosure

Note: Color of Brush can be one of the three available colours depending on the availability. For any specific colour, kindly contact us after the order.

For school projects, science activities and large orders, kindly contact us for additional discounts and better shipping options. This kit is the first step for students to get into STEM Education - Science / Technology / Engineering and Maths