About Us

VEEROBOT ™ is an e-commerce and distribution division of SILIRIS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. located at Bangalore.

This online store was formed for the purpose of designing, engineering and developing those tiny bits and pieces which can come together to create your dream electronic, or robotic project. We started with blogs and made our own community, where capable minds started to build principles and a strong knowledge base.Later we spent many years on research, building, Innovating, Engineering and Upgrading to reduce complexity in designs and assembling them to make comprehensive products. VEEROBOT always strives to keep your obsessions alive in robotics and electronics.


Our vision is to promote “Knowledge is Power” by encouraging today’s generation to think tomorrow; Inspire & innovate in Science, Technology and Engineering and become leaders on a global scale. We help bring the best minds together to create a platform and Revolutionize Robotics.

In case you need any additional information, or details about our company, please contact us and we will revert.